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Microchipping is a very simple and inexpensive procedure that can mean the difference between a lost and a found pet.  A microchip is smaller than a grain of rice, and is placed just under the skin between your pet’s shoulder blades.  Implantation is similar to a routine vaccination, and is no more painful than a typical injection.

Microchip placement is so important because pets go missing every day, and having a microchip greatly improves the chance of having your pet returned to you if lost or stolen.  Microchips are permanent forms of identification that are more reliable than a collar or tag, because they can’t fall off or get lost.  Your pet’s microchip number will be entered into a national database, and linked with your information to help ensure your pet’s return.  Just remember to update your information if you move, or if your phone number changes, so that you can be contacted if your pet is found.

To learn more about the benefits of pet microchipping or to schedule an appointment, please contact your Timpanogos Animal Hospital veterinarian today!