Payment Options

Unexpected pet health expenses can be incredibly stressful for pet owners. To make sure your pets always get the care they need without undue burdens on your finances, Timpanogos Animal Hospital offers numerous flexible payment options through companies we trust.


With Vetary, you’ll be prequalified in mere minutes, and you’ll have numerous payment plans to choose from that are based on your budget. Plus, there are no retroactive interest fees.

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CareCredit offers fast approval and can help you cover any out-of-pocket health expenses not covered by insurance, from veterinary care for your pets to health and wellness care for your entire family. Their special financing offers no interest if the balance is paid in full by the amount of time outlined in the program you select.

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Scratch offers low interest rates and rapid approval, and they have three different payment options tailored to different budgets. Scratch covers pet care for whatever kind of pet you have, from cats and dogs to birds and iguanas, and you can use it, if you wish, for any and all veterinary bills.

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Need more information on payment options at our veterinary hospital? Contact Timpanogos Animal Hospital at 801-406-9443.